A detaila bout Calafia State Beach

Calafia State Beach is on the sunny coast of San Clemente, California. It is fully equipped with concessions and toilets. The sand car ride is minimal. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region. During the summer months, beachcombers migrate to Califia State Beach for its soft sand and white-crested cobalt waves.

A large wall of rocky breaks against the beach holds the force of the rising tide all year round. Rescuers ensure the safety of the shores of Calafia beach during the summer months. Calafia State Beach Park is the last beach on the San Clemente Beach before you have to walk down the pedestrian and cycling trail on the sand.

The beach of Calafia is not a well-known destination for surfing. However, while it may not be a surf paradise, it does provide the best blazon for bodyboarding and bodyboarding. The nights at Calafia State Beach Park are calm and calm. It is also within walking distance of the main camping area of San Clemente Beach, which is one of the campsites with views of Orange County.

This Park is extremely accessible being less than three minutes from the highway exit.

The most challenging part of a trip to Calafia beach is to pronounce it! It is part of San Clemente State Beach, except that you will pass the State Beach entrance on your left and continue to the car park at the end of Calafia. It’s a lean beach, so you absolutely must watch the tides to time your visit.

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Location: Take Interstate 5 towards San Clemente. If you come from the north, exit at Avenida Calafia (some maps indicate the spelling Avenida “Califia” with an “i” – but all the signs indicate: “Calafia”), go straight to the stop and park. You in the counter. Spaces at the end of the street.

Strong points:

  • I meet my San Diego friends on this beach because it’s easy on the highway and it’s easy to park with my annual pass.
  • The water is a beautiful shade of blue, and the waves are ideal for near shore immersions.
  • It is the southernmost point on the San Clemente Beach Trail. So you can start or finish your walk here.

We like to see the trains go by.

To be aware:

  • Bring neighborhoods for counters, if you do not have an annual pass!
  • You have to cross the railway line to access the beach. There are regular trains so be careful!
  • It can be hectic during the summer.

Use the same precautions you use on any range. I would recommend talking to rescuers (in summer) about low tide and bathing conditions. During our recent visit, there was a massive drop of about 5 feet in the waves. The floor was level, then intense (above the heads of small children), then again at knee level. You should test the depth before your children enter.

The beach can be rocky at certain times of the year. Do not sit near the rocks during the summer, Jeeps rescuers roam the beach near the rocks.

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