The best places to go out in Amsterdam

Traveling is one of the most wonderful activities in the world! Must say: go to the discovery of a brand new country, totally different cultures, or see things that we have never seen before, it leaves dreamer! And above all, traveling can be very easy especially when the goal is just to have fun! And for fun, going out to best spots for a date in Amsterdam is not bad, right?

As you leave, you will surely meet lots of new people who will transform your stay into a totally unique experience and then, you will see lots of totally fabulous stuff like museums, parks and unique places in the world! But, and it’s a but (capital and even bold and underlined), the most important thing is to know how to enjoy!

Woke: But how to do it?

When we do not know a city it’s hard to know the right spots, to know where to go to soak up the atmosphere of the area, to meet.

  1. King’s Day: to go out in Amsterdam

King’s day or the day of the King is the birthday of … king. The Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy, (you will thank me when you win the Trivial Pursuit). I was saying, this is the birthday of the king and by extension of the national holiday! To celebrate, the Dutch go out in the street wearing their best orange trumps!

In addition to taking advantage of the barter and improvised flea markets in front of the houses and meeting lots of natives, it is also an excellent opportunity to party in the street and along the canals which for the day turn into a real party open air! The city is home to more than 3 million people (knowing that the year-round population is 750,000), making it one of the most important events in Amsterdam!

  1. The Van Gogh Museum
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Do not say that museums are not interesting. It’s true that for the gaudrioleyou will saw it better.Every last Friday of the month, the museum turns into a perfect spot to start your evening: cocktails, music, and masterpieces of painting …you willseen ways to start evening more disgusting.

  1. The Secret Boat Tour

As you may have guessed, The Secret Boat Tour is a guided boat tour that will introduce you to little-known tourist spots. The organization that takes care of it is the St. Nicolaas Boat Club, to register you at the Boom Chicago Bar in Leidseplain Square. In the meantime, boarding you will always be able to grease a tip and drink a beer with other passengers, a good way to meet new people!

  1. Free concerts!

Do you like concerts but your wallet much less? Looking for a nice event? Or, still looking for something fifou for your lunch? Do not search anymore. The quality music and nothing to spend. For this, meet at Concertgebouwplein 2-6 (leaving Van Baerlestraat), every Wednesday, from 12.30, the Concertgebouw will rehearse for its evening concert.In another style, the Mulligan pub organizes concerts every night of the week after 19h and especially on Sundays. The Jazz Cafe Alto (KorteLeidsedwarsstraat) offers jazz concerts every Tuesday evening.